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Sara Quayle Safety Launches Online Infant and Child First aid Course for Parents.

In the latest step of endeavours Sara Quayle Safety is launching her online infant and child first aid course for parents, grandparents and babysitter. This course will be part of a number of products around first aid and safety for families. It is new to the market and the registration details can be found below it is going to ease the problems faced by parents and in particular mothers around getting first aid information in an easy, accessible, clear way and making sure that first aid is at the top of their “to-do” list!

It is an online course and part of Sara Quayle Safety’s online learning platform, it is in sections that are easy to digest, there are 5 modules that are in video form that can be stopped and started as required. The user can keep the course for 18 months and it is updated as needed when first aid advice changes.

This product launched this month, it will be available now for parents and grandparents and there will be more like this over the next year. We have received some wonderful feedback already and look forward to facilitating parents learning of these vital skills.

It was developed as Sara felt that there was a big gap in the market, Sara teaches many first aid course in the workplace and has found that parents are always wanting to know about paediatric first aid, although time is limited on theses course Sara always made sure that they got the information required. The students also told her that they were going to then tell their partners at home about what they have learnt. The main reason, when asked why they haven’t done a first aid course for parents was 1) time and 2) not knowing how to access the information. She believes that everyone has a right to gain access to life saving skills.

Therefore, the course was born! Sara worked with a Paediatric nurse (mother of 4) and a then heavily pregnant camera woman (now mummy to a wonderful baby boy) to get this course produced.

Many mothers have a long to do list and unfortunately basic lifesaving skills slip to the bottom of that list. A recent survey conducted by the Red Cross stated that only 4% of people they talked to were confident to help someone in a first aid situation. Another report also revealed that 72% of parents across the UK wouldn’t know how to assist an unconscious child, administer CPR or attend to burns and scalds. My aim is to get that information across in a way that will allow first aid to be at the top of that list!

Knowing what to do if your child is injured, choking or sick will give vital confidence, therefore less worry to any parent. Allowing days out to be fun and more relaxed as they will have learnt the skills and probably the biggest one for mothers, less guilt around not knowing what to do!

Because the course is online it is very easy to use and revisit as you need. It has some wonderful downloadable resources that can be kept and a prompt sheet that can be laminated and kept on the fridge.

Sara Quayle Safety has been running for nearly 5 years. Sara is passionate about workplace and home safety. She has worked in health and safety for over 15 years in industries including, railway, construction, manufacturing and schools, she has honed her skills as a first aid instructor during this time, all after serving 13 years in the Royal Navy. She is also a mother to 2 children, so understands the pain point of looking after risk adverse children and that long “to do” list!

The injury and fatality rate in the work place is coming down due to legislation, training, new product design etc, so in theory your work place should be the safest place you can be. Step outside of this and we are on our own a bit more, this is why she wants to get information out to people in and around the home to help with safety and first aid.

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