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‘Hope’: Original lino print for Spring and Easter by Hannah Turlington

Hannah Turlington launches her original lino print especially for Easter and the coming of Spring. Living and working in North Yorkshire, Hannah is a printmaker who is driven to create by her love of colour, nature and life’s stories. ‘Hope’ is one of her 2021 series of word lino prints, inspired by the elements of human nature that we search for.

Hope means different things to different people and during turbulent times in our lives we cling onto those signs and that word Hope.

A dictionary definition of hope is: ‘the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best’. When used as a verb it means: ‘to look forward to with desire and with reasonable confidence’ Or ‘to believe, desire or trust’.

At different times we look for those physical signs of hope, sometimes they are something tangible…sometimes they are a feeling. Creating ‘Hope’ has been the inspiration behind her original lino print. Hannah wanted to create something that would resonate with lots of people. Hannah says; ‘We all need to search for those signs of hope and hold onto them tight so no one can take them away’.

‘Hope’ is part of the words lino print collection for 2021, joining ‘Love’, ‘Nurture’ and ‘Be Kind’. Every piece of work inspired by human nature and nature.

Hannah invites you to embrace the fragility of human nature and start collecting her Words lino prints. They are perfect for those family, friends, children or yourself…’Hope’ is a visual reminder that there is always hope even if it comes in the form that you least expect it.

Hannah Turlington is a printmaker, living and practicing in North Yorkshire, whose work is defined as fine art, designs, workshops, (both online and face to face) and commissions. Hannah specialises in telling stories with her art. She says:

‘I am a story teller and I use my work to tell those stories. Sometimes they belong to me; Sometimes they belong to others but usually they belong to all of us’.

Hannah goes through a multi staged process to make the print; collecting inspiration, illustrating, carving the block and then finally printing before sending through your door. Hannah’s distinctive style is highly detailed and it is enhanced by her choice of colour.

‘Hope’ is hand printed to order by Hannah in her North Yorkshire studio. ‘Nurture’ is 20 cm by 15 cm, printed in Vibrant Green onto, just under, A4 sized printmaking paper. Each print is signed by Hannah.

‘Hope’: an original lino print, from her Words collection, is available through Hannah’s website , priced £15 including postage in the UK.

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