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Vicki Renz publishes much-needed journal to support mothers suffering miscarriage.

Vicki Renz published today a beautiful journal to support mothers going through the trauma of miscarriage.

● Healing Journal for After Miscarriage is a thoughtfully created journal for women to write down their thoughts, feelings and emotions. A form of outlet, an important part of the healing journey after loss.

● The depth of feeling shown in the cover of the journal makes it the perfect gift of solace for after miscarriage.

● The journal contains guidance explaining the healing that journaling brings, taking women through prompts to help feelings and emotions to flow.

When asked about her book, Vicki said “healing really matters. Journaling is an effective healing outlet which is often overlooked. The power of our own words when used with an understanding of how to journal, really helps women to process their emotions. Having a journal specifically for after miscarriage is comparable to talking things through in a private space.”

She continued, “what’s more, it’s a beautiful gift to give to show that you care, especially when it’s a struggle to know what to say to someone.”

An estimated 23 million pregnancies end in miscarriage globally each year. A shockingly high number for a topic which is hardly talked about. Sadly, at least 50% of women suffer in silence which destroys their confidence, with 1 out of 10 cases leading to severe depression.

Recent research in The Lancet report states that more help should be offered to women starting from their first miscarriage. Most women have to wait until three miscarriages until they qualify for thorough fertility testing and advice. The Lancet suggests pre-conception support should be offered to women and more early pregnancy surveillance.

This is a huge step forward and reform for handling of miscarriage needs to be pushed. As The Lancet report states, “The era of telling women to ‘just try again’ is over.”

Oh My Mama Body is passionate about creating a world where miscarriage is recognised and healing happens. Guiding women to find their inner-strength and feel supported instead of suffering silently with feelings of guilt and inadequacy.

● 50% of women prefer to remain silent and not mention their miscarriage. Miscarriage is shrouded by feelings of shame, guilt and unworthiness. Women feel alone, like a shadow of their previous self. Putting on a brave face but falling apart on the inside.

● 20% of women choose counselling or therapy but find that they are not understood. Their therapist has not been through the pain of miscarriage and is unable to empathise. Unfortunately causing even more distress.

● 30% search the internet for support groups where they feel supported but at the same time are not offered effective healing techniques.

As well as giving birth to two healthy boys, Vicki experienced five miscarriages and knows how distressing it is to feel like nothing can help with the healing.

1 out of 10 women who contact Vicki at Oh My Mama Body after experiencing early pregnancy symptoms, end up miscarrying. With lockdowns in place during 2020 and 2021, Vicki has seen hundreds of women contacting her on YouTube with pregnancy worries. The internet is a place to ask questions about the taboo and Vicki has a platform for providing answers and support.

Vicki is making huge steps forward in breaking the silence, stigma and shame around miscarriage. She has recorded two episodes with the TryingAgain podcast and a further two with LoveAfterLoss podcast. Furthermore, she recently received coverage in Juno magazine, Pick Me Up! magazine and The Independent.

Vicki spent hundreds of hours studying healing techniques to help her recover from miscarriage. Now she uses the same techniques to support and guide women on their healing after miscarriage journeys.

● She has created an online, self-paced course, guiding women in their own time on their pathway through grief to wholeness.

● She has further developed a Pathway to Wholeness programme, an in-depth one-to-one transformational healing journey.

● Furthermore, Vicki invites women to join her supportive Healing After Miscarriage Group on Facebook which contains a free vault of resources and techniques for after miscarriage.

Women who have taken Vicki’s course and programme experience deep, transformational healing around their pain of loss. Vicki understands the cycle of grief and uses individualised healing techniques to optimise the healing journey of each woman so that they feel confident and empowered.

Vicki’s “Oh My Mama Body” YouTube channel is growing fast, heading towards 10,000 subscribers and has over 1 million views already. In response to the hundreds of comments Vicki receives, she has started creating videos to answer common questions. Vicki aims to have a reliable source of information covering early pregnancy and miscarriage to really help women understand their bodies.

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